Privacy Policy

1. Inquisitor Infosoft(OPC)Pvt Ltd maintains complete privacy of client information and data and does not engage in any type of laundering or unauthorized sharing of the same with any third-party individual or organization.

2. INQPOS suite has been developed as a robust software that is capable of generating finesse in operations and assisting in the development of vital data of high applicative value. However, care has been taken to ensure that none of the information is spilled and the endpoints of usage in the user’ domain remain secured always. Such high-level privacy of user information and data makes INQPOS the leading and preferred product in the competitors’ matrix.

3. Here is an objective description and liabilities of the Privacy Policy, as adopted by Inquisitor Infosoft(OPC)Pvt Ltd.

4. INQPOS guarantees the privacy of client information like the name and contact details among others that are essentially required to be submitted at the time of service(s) subscription. The client’ details are kept securely in the official data servers of the Company and never shared with any agency.

5. The ‘User Generated Content’ and ‘Data’ as derived through the use of the functions and services of INQPOS software suite is guarded by the sole right of the client only. This user content and data remains intact and does not enter in any public domain (social or other) unless programmed in auto mode by the program administrator.

6. INQPOS maintains the privacy of the payment gateways that are relied upon by the existing and new clients for fees payments and services registration and renewals. Additional buffers have been embedded in the payment mechanisms to make the requests safe and swift.

7. Inquisitor Infosoft(OPC)Pvt Ltd will not be responsible for any data theft or laundering from the user domains which results from the mismanagement of the functions of INQPOS software suite. The Company cautions every client against the improper usage of the software so as to avoid any sharing of sensitive data in anonymity and in auto mode.

8. The privacy policy of Inquisitor Infosoft(OPC)Pvt Ltd has been drawn as comprehensive and connects at appropriate levels, with the legal frameworks while also complying with the international privacy norms. The Company also offers customized privacy to its full-time corporate clients as per their core demands.