Terms and Conditions

This is an Agreement between the Inquisitor Infosoft(OPC)Pvt Ltd (The Company) and the user registered for the authorized usage of the INQPOS Software by The Company. This Agreement outlines the services liabilities that the Company adopts to itself for its clients and also outlines the terms that govern and explain the definition of every service agreed to be offered in the Software.

Parts of This Agreement

This Agreement consists of the General Terms of Service and also the Terms of Specific Service(s) that may be offered by INQPOS suite as per agreement with the client. The Agreement henceforth mentions the General Terms and Specific Terms as ‘Terms’ that collectively determine the service agreement between the Company and the client (the registered user of the suite). The Company hereby declares that in case of any conflict between the general and specific terms of service, the Specific Terms of Service shall prevail through.

Acceptance of theTerms

The user must possess the qualifications authorized to be one, in order to make use of INQPOS suite. The qualifications, among others, demand the minimum age and proofs of identity for the purpose of authentic registration. If the user does not sustain the requisite qualifications or fails during the conduct of agreement period then the Company is entitled to withdraw the permission; the prior notice would be served appropriately to the user. If the user does not sustain the qualifications for the ‘specific service’ then the Company is entitled to withdraw the permission for the specific service channel from the user. The user agrees to these terms while checking the boxes for appropriate service with the Company.

The services on offer

INQPOS suite supports a host of services that are accessible as per requests authenticated at the time of registration by the client. Most services can be accessed through the internet browsers that are compatible with the individual service. The client is responsible for securing the viable internet connection including the tech paraphernalia and hardware apparatus.

Beta services subscription

INQPOS may from time to time launch the beta versions of new services for the purpose of testing, and INQPOS may grant provisional paid/free license for the same to the new and existing users. The Company retains the absolute right to cancel/revoke any such license or service without prior notice.

Modification of the ‘Terms of Service’

The Company carries the right to modify the terms of service with its clients anytime with or without prior notice. Appropriate relaxations may be given, if any, in case the Company deems necessary for the purpose of defending the current operations of the clients(s).

User sign up obligations

The client individual or the representative of the corporate firm client need to sign up for the obligations presented at the time of user account registration. The client user needs to pledge for the correctness and authenticity of the information provided to the Company.

The user account Administrator

For the purpose of accessing the services on offer in the INQPOS suite, the agreement with the client warrants the stipulation of an Administrator who carries the right to organize and manage the services array and also determine the end users’ preferences inside the user organization.

Communications & Complaints

INQPOS may from time to time initiate communications to its clients as part of the transmission of vital user information or the newsletters or authentication requests for the beta services or other service accords. Such communication is considered part of the fundamental user agreement and terms of service with the client. Complaints from the user, as per the case requirements are also dispensed through proper channel and communication procedures/protocols, as mentioned at the time of signing up of the service with the Company – Inquisitor Infosoft(OPC)Pvt Ltd.

Fees and payments

The Company accepts payments and fees for the service(s) subscribed by the client through the channels mentioned in the agreement. The Company does not accept cash payments from any client in person. The payments need to be offered in full and not in parts and within the stipulated dateline as listed for the specific service subscribed. Renewals and cancellation of any service are guided as per the guidelines mentioned at the outset.

The restrictions, spamming & illegal activities

The Company maintains restrictions for its users who subscribe for its services. Such restrictions have been mandated to maintain the consistency of service against unwarranted intrusions and misuse of the services(s), like in the form of spam , phishing, and other illegal activities. Suspension and termination of account/service may be initiated in case of any suspicious activity through the user account.

User generated content & data ownership policy

The Company grants complete rights to its clients for the use of the services subscribed, including the ownership of the data generated through the INQPOS suite/service. The data ownership right of the client is subject to restrictions mentioned in the Terms; like the use of Company Trademark, its logo or any signature which is guarded for use by the Company only.

Inactive user accounts

Inactive user accounts are deemed to be closed as per the policy adopted by the Company. Such accounts can be reused after following the due process with the Company.

Disclaimer of warranties

INQPOS enlists ‘Disclaimers’ for the warranties offered to the clients. These disclaimers make the warranty process transparent and delineate the liabilities of the Company in a clear and distinct manner. The Company, however, is fully committed to enforcing the warranties and liabilities mentioned in the ‘Terms’ towards its clients registered with it vide the due process.

The Terms of service, as determined by the above listed clauses are not exhaustive and the Company retains the right to make augmentations to them as per the requirements from time to time.